Thursday, April 7, 2011

How Does YOUR Garden Grow?

I love nothing more than when I read something that rocks my boat a bit - especially when it's written by a good friend you absolutely adore. This was posted a few days ago and I can't stop thinking about it - it struck a chord, it made me think. It's also so beautifully written it literally made me stop to catch my breath, and then think some more.

It's ironic because this person planted a very instrumental seed in me years ago.

I hope he knows how grateful I am to have such an amazing friend.

Put on your waders... this is deep shit...

I've had a significant epiphany this weekend.. From my plants, and caring for them: Our lives should be lived like the cultivation of a garden.

It is important first to have a clear idea of what type of garden you want to have, because it is imperative to choose, seed, weed, and cultivate your plants very carefully. Take into account the plants' needs. Are they high maintenance? Hardy? Complicated? Beautiful? Are you willing to give them what they need to flourish? Will you resent them for dying? For living? There are no good or bad plants. But there certainly are poorly chosen ones. It is imperative to choose the ones that suit your needs. That is good. Otherwise, you will end up with a garden that is over-run and fruitless. And you will wonder how all these plants that do not give you what you want ended up there. They are simply growning as they were planted. Best to know exactly what you are looking for. Choose carefully.

Decide from the beginning: Not even what sort of plants you don't want, but rather what kind of garden you do want. The right plants will be obvious. And what your garden should be able to give to you. That is really what it should be about, what we can get from our cultivation. The plant's desire is to serve its purpose. Our desire should be to enjoy them. The clearer the decision, the easier the choices.

That is the best way.

It is never too late to begin again. Never too late to till the soil and re-plant.

That is the cultivation of a soul.