Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Fresh Page

I have a new favorite holiday - New Year's Eve. I love the idea that once a year you get to wipe the slate clean - take all the good from the past year over with you to the next - and leave all the crap behind. Well, that's not to say you don't take the lessons you learned from the crap - you know what I mean.

There is nothing more intoxicating than a new beginning, a fresh start.

Remember when you were a kid and how excited you were to shop for school supplies? I would get positively giddy over a blank notebook (still do). Oh the potential for adventure it would hold - the stories that would be created... the doodling artwork... the love notes written on the sly... oh yes, and maybe a little math here and there.

I get that same sense of excitement every time I unroll my yoga mat (plus it's an awesome mat, you should really treat yourself to one) - it's like a fresh new page to step upon and create whatever experience I want. It's absorbed a lot of tears recently, but it has also fostered and nurtured a lot of growth and happiness. It is truly my safety zone. I am grateful every time I step onto it for all the possibilities it holds.

This is supposed to be an ideal time to cleanse the body as well. Trouble is I like M&Ms and tequila way too much, so maybe I will just add a few new goodies to my routine. Here's what I'm thinking I'll give a whirl in the new year:

- Mangosteen contains over 40 xanthones (super-potent antioxidants) that help fight free radical damage, and keep your bodies inflammatory responses in check.

- Resveratrol helps support cardiovascular health, a youthful appearance and antioxidant levels. (clock's ticking people)

Sea Buckthorn - While the benefit of Sea Buckthorn on the body’s largest organ, the skin, has been widely documented in ancient texts, it also has an extensive history of traditional use in Tibet & Mongolia for the body’s sensitive internal organs – in particular the mucous membranes that line the stomach/GI tract and upper respiratory tract. The ability of this botanical to help moisturize and soothe these sensitive internal areas in addition to its external skin benefits has made it a staple of traditional herbal systems.

I had also planned to start making more green drinks, but Santa did not hold up his end of the bargain and bring me the much coveted Vitamix. The few times I have had a green drink made in one, it was like a Christmas miracle in a cup - it makes kale creamy! AND, it doesn't upset my stomach - this is coming from a person that really has to watch it with raw veggies. My friend Ashley (who you met in an earlier post) recently got certified in raw nutrition and was explaining that the Vitamix predigests the fruits and vegetables for you. I really need to get one. I must have really pissed Santa off.

I hope your New Year's celebrations were as good as mine. I'm beyond excited and grateful for all the adventures this new year is sure to hold.

(love me some Janet Jackson)

Until next time, may the gluten-free force be with you!

Love your,

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  1. I just found you on Twitter! How exciting it is to find someone about my age that is also GF. I too am a huge fan of Tequila! I have tried some GF beers, but none are as refreshing as a Coors Light! Anyways, my twitter name is @EerLove.....I am just learning how to navigate the site (so bear with me). Thanks for sharing your GF story.