Saturday, July 17, 2010


I've found gold! At least I feel like I've found it. Actually, what I have discovered is more like a magical, sacred elixir. Allow me to explain...

Earlier this week, I had the unfortunate experience of getting "glutened". Like most people, I have different degrees of symptoms, depending on just how much gluten was ingested. If it's a good amount, I basically turn into the Exorcist - possessed by that evil devil gluten - and it ain't pretty. I will spare you the gory details.

Luckily, that phase usually only lasts a day, but what moves in next is like a snake in the grass - you don't see it coming, but once it's upon you, good luck getting out of the weeds. Brain fog. Oh and let's put a scoop of fatigue on top of that for some more flavor and fun. This lovely duo usually lasts anywhere from one week, to several.

In a desperate attempt to chase the fog away sooner than later, I put out the gluten bat signal on twitter asking for tips to deal with this. And bless every little heart that wrote me back, I got some great suggestions: lots of water, fresh OJ, fruits & veggies, nuts, salt baths & saunas for detoxing, walking, time, and good ol' rest. Granted, each glutening experience is unique in it's own special way (insert sarcastic tone here, or I guess back there), but I've done most of these things, and I sort of felt that at the end of the day, I just had to wait it out.

But I am not satisfied with this and am making it my quest to put together a gluten emergency plan. Please let me know what has/has not worked for you - I'm not kidding, I want to make a step by step plan of action to get the stuff out of my body as quickly as possible and support the healing asap!

The bright side of this dark tale is that I stumbled upon this gem of a drink on Day 2 of my glutening, because I couldn't find a Kombucha (thanks very much Lindsay Lohan - read why HERE). There were a few key words that caught my eye; probiotics, living greens, superfoods - and oh yes, did I mention I was desperate to try ANYTHING?! I just started reading David Wolfe's book Superfoods (which is fantastic by the way), so my interest was peaked and I went in for a closer look. There they were like little gluten busting beacons of light... marine phytoplankton, phytoalgaes, and chlorella vulgaris! A much more official explanation:

living greens™ contains chlorophyll and carotenoids for combined antioxidant synergy. The detoxifying effect of these nutrient-dense superfoods prevent absorption of toxins in the intestines. Super delicious, living greens™ supports cellular defenses, integrity, and metabolism. Rich in biologically active plant enzymes, proteins, b vitamins, amino acids, neuropeptide precursors, lipids, minerals and trace minerals, essential growth factors, and efas, living greens™ builds muscle tone, increases energy, supports brain function, normalizes appetite, and increases stamina.

It was still a tough day, but I started to see a few breaks in the fog which is HUGE for only being on Day 2. I rushed back in the afternoon of Day 3 for another KeVita Living Greens - and felt so good I was able to plow through the stack of chores that had piled up. Day 4, I feel pretty much back to normal... hooray!!!

Now, I do not dispute that this could also be a bit of mind over matter and placing all my faith in this one little drink - but I swear, I've never kicked gluten brain fog to the curb so fast - that's why I felt compelled to share. It may not work for everyone, but it's a pretty powerful nutrient dense drink I think is worth a try.

Thank you KeVita, I'm a new but loyal fan, please don't let Lindsay Lohan take you away too.

Until next time, may the gluten-free force be with you!

Love your,


  1. I'll have to try this next time! I definitely have been getting glutened a lot lately..

  2. Got glutened. About to go on a search for this.

  3. oh nooooooo! how are you guys getting glutened? (it's helpful to learn from everyone's mistakes) Kimberly, I found KeVita at Whole Foods if that helps - the lemon ginger is great if you're nauseous, but I think the living greens is best for detoxing. Feel better soon! :)