Sunday, September 13, 2009


I had a good idea... or at least I thought I did.

I went home to Milwaukee for a few days and was BLOWN AWAY by how gluten friendly it its - even more so than Los Angeles! I learned that one of my favorite restaurants, Eddie Martini's, now offers a "Sunday Night Gluten-Free Menu". Unfortunately, I flew in on a Monday and left on a Friday...but I went anyway and they made a few minor adjustments to make my meal gluten-free -- easy peasy! I cannot recommend Eddie Martini's enough should you find yourself in Wauwatosa. Wisconsin.

The main attraction, however, was a 100% gluten-free bakery called Molly's in Pewaukee, which is right down the road from where I grew weird is that? They've only been there for three years, so I've never been. Obviously, I was DYING to go! I thought I would rip off (sincerest form of flattery, right?) my brilliant musician husband, who has recently done a string of video blogs, and try my hand at it. Armed with my trusty Flip camera, my sister Sarah and I set off for Molly's.

It all started well enough... Sarah filmed me doing an intro outside of the bakery before we went in. Ok, so you can't hear me very well, and Sarah laughs throughout almost the whole thing... but that deserves an Oscar compared to what happened next. Somehow, once inside, I made the mistake of turning off the camera when I thought I was recording. I'm so disappointed because I was so excited for everyone to get to see this amazing place and I totally f'ed it up. I guess now I'm just going to have to go back and do it right!

In the end, I edited together what I have and I'm just calling it what it is: "The Worst Video Blog Ever". I promise to do better next time!

Love your,


  1. Great, great, great
    thank you very much friend Friki

  2. I want more "WORST VIDEO BLOGS"!
    Drinking New Grist + camera rolling=Good Times

  3. Kelli O'DriscollSeptember 19, 2009 at 5:57 PM

    Toon that was great!! I forgot that the bakery was there. It's supposed to be good stuff. If you can, get your sister or Dad to freeze the bread, and send it over night with dry ice. I worked with a girl who did that every month, and it seemed to work!
    Great to see you in action and hear your voice and laughter again. You cracked me up! It felt like something we woudl have done in HS.
    Keep up the good work! Love your blog!

  4. so shelley (schlecta) brown posted info about your blog on coconuts and thought i'd check it out. watched your video and thought I KNOW HER! i think i graduated a year or two behind you. anyway, love the blog. we're trying coconut oil this weekend. keep up the good work!
    kristin koeferl liedel